why a real-estate- investment in Germany?


A firm real estate investment
Germany is the country that currently offers the greatest guarantee of macro-economical solidity in the World. This historical trend has been seamlessly going on since 600 years.
In Germany, we are not in the presence of a real estate bubble as in Ireland, Spain, Romania or Dubai, where only the first and most cynical investors made profits and the numerous small and weak investors were overwhelmed.
From an internal point of view, Germany's greatly efficient public administration guarantees the best business conditions.


A safe real estate investment
According to the German real estate legislation, burdens are recorded on the property, not on the owner. This system prevents the occurrence of problems such as double sale, revocation in case of previously by the seller undeclared debts, etc. The notary verifies freedom from constraints of the property and, even if the seller has debts, no one can attack the property after the notary act of purchase is defined.


Geographical area and building typology
Fimeda has prioritized the acquisition of historic buildings constructed between late 800 and early '30s in styles such as neo-classical ("Gruenderzeit" in Germany), liberty ("Jugendstil") or pure rationalism ("Bauhaus") and located in the regions that form the former GDR. The buildings are located in cities important for their industries and economy, or in touristic areas known for their naturalistic and cultural-historical prominence, with a huge growth potential. Notably, the former GDR, although a substantially new reality, has already reached, in the public service, the high quality level present in the former Federal Republic.

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