Fimeda provides a global service information and, in case of purchase, follows its customers through all its phases. Each step is taken care of by the relevant professionals, providing:



FIMEDA working methodology is designed to arrive at sale only after the purchaser is given all necessary information. For this purpose , the purchaser will benefit of the advice of individual partners in their respective areas of specialization, both in Germany an in the buyers country


Mode of conclusion of the deel


The deel is drawn up in Germany and is ruled by German law. The way is as follow:

Once being given the task by the parties, the notary prepares a draft and distributes it to the parties for inspection; considering the answer of the parties, the notary set a date for the selling. The buyer can choose whether to be personally present, or whether to delegate FIMEDA GmbH. In this case, the purchaser can endorse the purchase in his country by one of the several German consular offices or by notary.


The costs related to the purchase


Notary fees -including bilingual contract- is approximately 2.5% of the property value. The registration fee is about 5% of the declared value of the property.


An investment easy to manage after the purchase


FIMEDA has nothing to do with mediation agencies. After the purchase, the buyer is not abandoned. At any time, he may request and receive quickly, by email, fax, etc ..., information on the purchased property and on strategies for optimizing the purchase.

FIMEDA will provide, if requested, a personalized management of the property, offering:



Given the nature of the proposed investment, our company can also handle the possible resale of the property. All the post-purchase services are carried out at the best market conditions.


The costs related to the manteinance


They are, by synthesis: an annual tax, the compulsory insurance on the property, eventual amounts relating to utilities and municipal services. If the property produces an income, you must pay the corresponding tax, which in the case of a foreign resident doesn't exceed 25%. All costs related to the property are deductible.

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