properties for sale in the former East Germany


Müllerstraße 21

LOCATION: The building is located near the center, a prime residential and commercial area, currently under strong improvement. The lake (Schlossteich) and the park Kuech..

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Otto-Buchwitz Platz 4

LOCATION: The property is located in the historical center, in the western part, where once stood the productive section of the city, 250 meters from the pedestrian zone...

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Georg-Schumann-Straße 305

LOCATION : The property is located about 6 km north-west of the city center, in the district of Wahren. Georg Schumann Strasse is a main street of the city, served by pub..

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Kolpingstraße 38

LOCATION: The property is located on the edge of the center, about 1 km north of the main market, at a busy intersection. Tram and bus stop are only a few meters away. Click for further information

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The real estate investment as an antidote to financial losses.

Since 15 years most financial investments not only didn't produce profits, but has in many cases caused great losses to investors and savers, involving in recent times even government bonds, which were depreciated significantly.


These observations lead to the birth of the FIMEDA project: rejecting the "paper economy" which created profits only for its leaders, and going back to a reality in which everybody is the only and certain owner of its money.


On the other hand, real estate investments are nowadays and almost anywhere in the world made difficult by sale prices and heavy taxation. FIMEDA offers the investors a unique opportunity: to make the most solid investment, in the safest country, with reasonable maintenance costs and incredibly low acquisition costs.


The legal advice we offer is provided to guarantee the maximum transparency on the whole acquisition process.